How to help a parent get more from their children

Parents are often asked how they can give their children more.

Some say it’s by making them feel special and valuable.

Others suggest they might use their gifts to make them more appreciative of their parents.

But what’s the best way to give kids more than just a few presents?

Here are some tips for helping your kids get more out of the things they’re given.

Parents should make it a point to offer gifts that make them feel valuable, says Doug Bezos, president of the International Toy Supply Association (ITSA).

That way, the gift will not only enrich the kids’ lives, but they will also feel good about giving to someone they care about.

“If you can provide something that gives them value, they will think of it more,” Bezos says.

Parents also should consider giving gifts that are a little more thoughtful than what they’d normally give their kids, says Susan B. Davis, executive director of the Children’s Place Foundation.

“For example, parents can give toys for their kids to play with and give them a new pair of shoes, or they can make a gift card to help them purchase a new computer,” Davis says.

Bezos suggests parents get creative when it comes to the kinds of gifts that will make kids feel appreciated.

“It’s important to remember that the gift itself is a gift,” he says.

“Giving a gift in a way that makes it a little different than a normal present will be more valuable.”

What to do If your child is having a hard time finding things to give, try looking up a different gift you might have given them.

If you’re the only person who gave them a gift, that might help you feel appreciated too.

Try looking for an online list of ways to help kids get presents.

If it’s too hard to find, ask your child’s parents for suggestions.

Parents who are not active parents might not feel as much pressure to share gifts with their kids.

They can also encourage your kids to be more creative with their gifts.

“I think there are a lot of ways for parents to be creative, and it’s a great way to encourage them to share and give,” Davis adds.

“Just give them the gift you’re most excited about.”

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