When the ‘candy bar’ went viral, the parents of one of the victims decided to step up and defend it

The parents of a 17-year-old high school student who was killed in a shooting at his family’s home in Florida are standing up to defend the gun they say was the trigger.

Candy Bar has been the target of multiple lawsuits and a class-action lawsuit filed by two of the teens.

The lawsuit claims that the gun was “in no way intended for use by an adult” and was “designed to be an automatic weapon designed to shoot a person who was standing on the porch of Candy Bar, or the porch itself, when a gun shot rang out,” according to court documents.

Caitlin Owen is also suing the makers of the gun, which it says is an “assault weapon.”

“Candy Gun is designed to have a very simple design,” Owen said in a statement to Recode.

“It is designed with an auto trigger.

That is why I cannot imagine how anyone could have a gun that would fire like that.

It is a weapon designed for shooting people from the street.”

Owen said her son had been on the verge of getting his driver’s license when the shooting occurred, and that she and her husband knew his father was on the front porch when the gunfire broke out.

“We were sitting there watching TV when the first shots were fired, and we thought, wow, we’re going to be killed by a stray bullet,” she said.

“He had just walked out to the porch and was sitting there on the fence with a gun, and the whole time the gun shot, the bullets were going into him.

And he was not a threat.”

Owens said she believes that her son was targeted because of his race, and because he was white.

“I think they just didn’t see it coming.

They didn’t think, well, maybe they were going to get shot, or maybe they’d just be killed,” she told Recode’s Kara Swisher.

Owers father said she didn’t hear the shots coming from inside Candy Bar until it was too late.

“The first shots that rang out were like, ‘I’m gonna kill you,'” Owen said.

“I knew it was the guns, because he’s my only black child.

That’s why I don’t understand how it could happen. I don

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