Parents of 5-year-old boy ask godly parents to explain why they were not there

Parents of a five-year old boy who was taken from their home in Edmonton’s west after the child was found unresponsive on a playground have been told they need to explain what happened to him.

“I feel so guilty, I feel like I’m doing something wrong,” said Julie Korsgaard.

“You feel like you’ve put yourself in harm’s way.

You’ve put your child in danger.

You feel like your child is in danger.”

On Monday, Korsgaks son was taken by police to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The family says they were concerned for the child’s welfare and decided to send him to a children’s home in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

It was there that he was found unconscious.

The incident began when police say the child ran into a playground in the community of Oldsboro on May 8.

A police helicopter was spotted and the child, later identified as Joshua, was taken to hospital.

But the incident didn’t end there.

“There were people that were looking for Joshua.

They tried to make contact with Joshua, but he was unresponsive,” Korsdagas son, Joshua, said.

“They couldn’t make contact.”

Korskigs family says Joshua didn’t respond to their repeated attempts to contact him.

He was eventually pronounced dead at the hospital.

Julie Korstagas says she is devastated by the incident and doesn’t know why Joshua wasn’t brought to a child’s home.

“We are trying to get to the bottom of it.

It’s the worst, I think it’s the absolute worst,” she said.

Korsgard says she doesn’t understand why her son wasn’t sent to a safe place.

“That’s the problem.

You have to be there.

You can’t just let a child go into a home where they’re not supposed to be,” she told CTV Edmonton.

“He shouldn’t be there.”

“You have to look after your child.

You need to take care of them.

If they have an issue, they need someone to talk to.”

Korstragas said she’s frustrated with the lack of response from the Edmonton Police Service.

“What is it, why didn’t they call us and say that Joshua was there?” she said, “And I don’t know, why isn’t there a call out for us?”

I feel so bad, I’m not even sure why, but I feel that if I don [ask] why he wasn’t there, I am hurting the child.

I feel a bit guilty for him.

“KORSKAGAS SINGS, SAYS, ‘THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR IT’ Parents of five-years-old son who was unharmed by helicopter crash say they’re concerned about the incident.

Julie and David Korsga, of Fort McMurry, say they are upset by the response from Edmonton police, who are investigating.

Police spokesperson Officer Dan Kelly says the incident is under investigation. “

It’s kind of frustrating, I don, I just feel like that’s not the time for it,” Kossas told Ctv Edmonton.

Police spokesperson Officer Dan Kelly says the incident is under investigation.

“At this time, there is no evidence of criminal activity.

There’s no indication of negligence, so we’re just investigating this as an ongoing matter,” he said.

In an email, Edmonton police said: “We can confirm that the incident occurred early on Sunday morning, May 9, and that the family was notified of the incident by a concerned member of the public.

The RCMP has been notified of this incident.”

KORSTAGAS SAYS SHE IS TIRED OF BEING ‘DOUBLED’ Parents say they have lost faith in the system, especially after a recent court case involving an infant found dead in an Edmonton park.

“For us to feel that we have a better system than this,” Korgas said, adding that she is tired of having to take responsibility for her son’s death.

“If you ask me, we just want to make sure he’s OK.

And we want to know what happened.

And it doesn’t feel like it’s ever going to get better.

I just want him to be okay.

It hurts,” she added.

Korgans son was found at the side of a road in Fort McPherson on May 6.

The toddler’s parents said they were in shock when they learned the toddler wasn’t responding to their calls and calls for help.

They said they don’t feel they should have to answer to police and have to go through a lengthy process to get answers.

KORSGAS SINGS, SAYING, ‘THE PROBLEM IS WE ARE IN THE DARK’ A spokesperson for Edmonton police says they are aware of the family’s concerns and are investigating the incident, which occurred at approximately 10:30 a.m.

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