Trump’s parents sue for defamation

Trump’s father, Eric Trump, has sued his own parents for defamation, arguing that they were intentionally misleading the public about the president’s mental health and the severity of his recent mental illness.

Trump’s lawsuit filed Monday in New York alleges that his mother, Marla Maples, was “deliberately dishonest” about his mental health by lying to the public in a “pattern of intentional deception” and “false statements of fact” in her book, The Art of the Deal.

“The defendants have engaged in a pattern of intentional deceptive conduct that has created a serious and enduring public health concern, including an epidemic of ‘mental health crises’ affecting the American public,” the lawsuit states.

“Ms. Maples is a habitual liar, and is willing to lie to achieve her ends,” the suit adds.

“She is a willful and intentional deceiver and deceiver in other ways.

She has a history of lying, deceit, and misleading the American people and the media.”

Trump’s parents filed a similar lawsuit against Trump in April, alleging that their son had been “delusional” and was in “denial and in denial of his illness and the seriousness of his condition.”

“The Trump family is distressed by the false statements made by the defendants, who are guilty of deliberate defamation and false statements of facts in their published works,” the complaint states.

The lawsuit accuses the family of making numerous “false and defamatory statements and statements of intent,” including that Trump was “unfit to serve” as president, was in denial about his health and was mentally unstable.

“These statements are intended to discredit the Trump family’s credibility and damage the Trump brand, the Trumps’ personal brand, and the public trust in the Tramps,” the filing states.

Trump also said in a statement that he was “deeply saddened and disturbed” by the lawsuit.

“I have always maintained that Donald Trump is not mentally ill, and I am deeply saddened and concerned by this outrageous and false lawsuit,” Trump said.

“The Trumps are fighting this case to stop the damaging damage it will cause to our family and to the country.

The Trumps believe this lawsuit will damage their reputation and harm their business.”

Trump was sworn in on Jan. 20 as president of the United States.

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