Why does the world hate dads?

Parents often get a bad rap, but if you ask the world’s top dads why they dislike them, you’ll be surprised to hear their stories.

But what does that say about the world, the culture and the dads?

The results of a survey published in the journal PNAS reveal a surprising, if unsurprising, pattern in how people view fathers.

People in countries with the highest levels of divorce and high rates of teen pregnancy were also the most likely to have negative attitudes towards fathers.

When it comes to children, the opposite is true.

When countries with lower rates of child poverty are compared to countries with high levels of child-free living, people in countries where the father is absent are more likely to view fathers negatively.

The survey also found that people in the UK were the most willing to view the dads negatively, with a mere 14% saying they were negative.

However, when it comes down to the numbers, people around the world are more positive towards the dads.

In China, nearly three-quarters of the Chinese people surveyed felt that the fathers are good, while just 5% felt that they are bad.

The US was the second most supportive of fathers in the world.

When asked to rate the fathers on a scale of 0-10, only 18% said that the dads are good and 44% said they are not good.

In Germany, the figure was 30%.

In the US, just 4% of respondents said that fathers are bad and only 6% said the same.

When asked if the fathers were good or bad, only 19% of the Japanese people agreed and only 11% of Americans agreed.

But the people surveyed in Brazil and South Africa were the least likely to think the fathers weren’t good.

In the UK, more than a quarter of the people in Australia thought that fathers were bad while only 11 per cent of the British people agreed.

When you compare this to the US and Brazil, which are the most positive countries in the survey, the results are even more striking.

In both countries, only 5% of people in each country said that they didn’t have a good relationship with the father.

The number was 10% in Brazil, 14% in the US.

In contrast, only 3% of Japanese people said they had a bad relationship with their fathers, while 15% of Australians and 10% of Brits agreed.

What is the connection between negative attitudes toward fathers and negative parenting?

In many countries around the globe, the gender roles of men and women are reversed.

In the US it is more common for men to be responsible for raising children than for caring for them.

In Japan, the situation is even worse.

In South Africa, fathers are the ones who make the decisions in terms of raising children.

In all three countries, parents are the primary caregivers of their children.

These days, many fathers are also the primary carers of their young children.

According to the World Bank, the global average rate of childlessness is now 8.5% (in 2010), while the rate for children aged 5 to 17 is just 3.9%.

What can you do to improve the parenting environment in your country?

The World Bank has recently released a report on gender equality that aims to reduce child poverty in many countries.

They recommend that parents should be more involved in the lives of their families and that fathers should have greater access to their children in their care.

But if you think you’ve been doing enough to improve your family’s environment, the World Watch Foundation is launching a new campaign to raise awareness about the importance of raising kids in a healthy environment.

The World Watch Family Foundation has launched a new video series called ‘A Healthy World’, which aims to highlight the importance for men in the care of their kids.

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