‘You can’t be a racist, anti-semite, sexist, xenophobic, misogynistic or homophobic’ — and they’ll say you’re ‘too bigoted’ to run for office

From the moment they’re elected, American politicians are bound by an ironclad code of ethics that says you must never say anything to hurt anyone, no matter what they do.

The code is set by the founders of the Constitution and is enforced by the Electoral College, which is made up of representatives from all 50 states and territories.

It’s part of a longstanding tradition of making it illegal to say anything that can be construed as racist, sexist or xenophobic.

But there’s a big difference between being a racist and saying anything that hurts someone else.

So how do they know what’s okay?

The answer is the Code of Conduct.

It defines and enforces what constitutes “offensive, insulting, threatening or abusive language” and what constitutes hateful, hateful, threatening, abusive, obscene, pornographic, profane or menacing language.

And that code is constantly evolving, changing and changing.

One thing it has always defined is that the American people have the right to expect its representatives to speak truth to power.

And to this day, it remains a bedrock principle of American politics.

It also states that you can’t use hateful, discriminatory, sexist and xenophobic language when you’re addressing the American public.

There’s no longer a “Code of Conduct” about what is acceptable or unacceptable, as the law has changed.

But that’s the problem with the current administration’s efforts to push back against those who think it’s okay to say things that hurt others.

The current administration has been accused of using hate speech, even as they’re using a code of conduct that’s supposed to be there for all Americans.

That’s because, as long as there’s been a “code of conduct,” the White House and the media have been able to say whatever they wanted to say.

That has led to an endless stream of outrage from the left and the right over President Donald Trump’s actions and the policies he’s been advocating.

But the Code has also been used by Republicans, including Trump, to attack and delegitimize the media.

Trump’s “Fake News” speech at CPAC is Exhibit A. At CPAC, the Republican Party’s annual convention, the president and vice president spoke about “fake news” and how they could destroy media and political opponents.

Trump used the word “fake” and “fake media” repeatedly.

And when it came to the media, Trump called it “the enemy of the American People.”

He called the media “the most dishonest people in the country.”

Trump’s attacks on the media were the kind of attack that would have been a standard Republican talking point back in 2016.

It was a message that was often repeated by Trump during the 2016 election, as he used his platform at CPAP in July to attack CNN and the New York Times for their coverage of his campaign.

The same thing happened again last week at CPAMA, where Trump made the same kind of claim.

“The Fake News Media, which has lost their minds,” Trump said.

“They are not only the most dishonest of all of the dishonest people, they are also the most vicious of all.”

Trump continued: “The fake news media is the enemy of all news media.

The fake news is what has destroyed our country, destroyed our democracy and destroyed our future.”

And he used that same line again at CPAPS later in the evening.

“If you watch CNN and you read the Fake News, and they’re attacking us, it’s really, really sad,” he said.

But what about the other Republicans?

The Code of conduct is meant to be a guide for political leaders.

It states that “any speaker who uses words, images, or gestures that might provoke anger, contempt, or hostility toward other Americans or others, including by way of a racial epithet, sexual or gender-based epithet or any other derogatory term, including slurs, epithets, or epithetings that might be considered slurs, may be disqualified from participation in future CPAP events and may be required to vacate the event venue for such events.”

The Code does not specifically mention “Trump’s comments” or “Trump” by name.

But it does specifically say that it is against the Code to “insult, intimidate, or discriminate against any person, group, or other entity.”

In other words, you cannot say anything racist, hateful or sexist when addressing the media or anyone else.

But you can say anything offensive when you are addressing the public.

The Code is also meant to protect people from false accusations.

It says: “No member of the media shall be held legally responsible for any statement, comment, opinion, report, opinion poll, poll or editorial in the public interest made by any person or group.”

That’s right.

Any time a member of Congress, or a member or staff member of any federal agency, government official, or any member or

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