How to keep your kids safe on the iPad

Parenting expert David Gavas says using the iPad to control your children on a tablet is a smart choice.

“This is where the tablets have really come to play.

They’re not a toy anymore.

They can’t really be controlled by a person,” he says.

If you’re still worried about how much control your child has over the iPad, there’s good news: the device does come with parental controls.

In theory, this means the iPad can’t be used to take photos, record videos or record music.

But for a number of parents who are looking for more control over their children’s iPad, you can still turn on parental controls with the simple click of a button.

And, because you’re using the Apple iPad Pro, you’ll get more control on all your devices.

It’s the iPad Pro’s parental controls that really give the iPad a boost of confidence.

To turn parental controls on, you click on the ‘Settings’ icon in the bottom right of the iPad.

This opens the Apple TV settings page.

On the right, you will see a list of parental controls available.

Select one from the drop down menu and click on it.

You can now turn parental control on for all of your iPads.

The Apple TV will start to download the parental controls for your iPad.

If you’re a parent, you may also want to change the ‘On Tap’ setting from ‘Off’.

When you’re done, you should now see a new setting in the ‘General Settings’ page on your iPad called ‘Parental Controls’.

There you can choose from a variety of controls.

In our example, we chose to allow the iPad and the AppleTV to control the iPad’s camera and playback of video content.

Once you’ve changed parental controls to ‘On’, you’ll now see an icon next to the Parental Controls setting that says ‘Enable Parental Control’.

If parental controls are turned on, the Apple video player will now show up in the settings screen for the iPad as a ‘parental control’.

You should now be able to access the Apple Video Player for the iPhone and iPad.

To set parental controls ‘Off’, click on ‘Settings’.

In the settings menu, you now need to select the ‘Parenting’ setting you want to turn off.

Click on the icon that says “Settings” on the top of the settings page and select ‘On’.

The ‘On’ setting on your iOS device should now say ‘Disable Parental controls’.

After you’ve finished setting parental controls up, you need to leave the settings to be set for the rest of your devices as they’re not yet enabled.

As soon as you leave parental controls off, the ‘Apple TV’ and ‘Apple Video Player’ settings should now turn off as well.

Now that you’ve set parental control to ‘Off’ on your iPhone and tablet, you’re all set.

All you need is the Apple Parental Settings app to turn on or off parental controls in the Apple device.

Read more about parental controls: Apple’s iPad parental controls FAQsParental controls can be very helpful in helping parents to keep their children safe.

However, it’s a great idea to do this at the right time.

If your iPad is being used for video, music, photos or other activities, it may be best to use parental controls instead of turning it off when it’s not needed.

To use parental control, go to the Apple App Store and tap on ‘Parenters Controls’.

In the app, tap on the parental control you want.

In the parental settings screen, click on one of the options and choose ‘Turn off parental control’.

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