How to manage anxiety without being diagnosed

The National Child Health and Development Association (NCHDA) is calling on parents to use the “positive parenting” toolbox to manage their children’s anxiety and depressive symptoms. 

The organisation said parents should “stop acting like they are being punished or judged for being too busy”.

It’s a reminder that parents are still the ones who are responsible for controlling their children, the NCHDA said. 

“Parents can use this parenting toolbox when they feel stressed, overwhelmed or worried about their child’s wellbeing,” the NCA said.

“It can help parents manage their feelings of anxiety and depression without feeling like they need to blame themselves or others.”

Parenting expert Alisa Keys said parents could use the positive parenting tool box to help manage their anxiety and their child.

Parenting is the biggest challenge parents face, she said.

“Parents are not always at the top of their mental health, and that’s why we have to be more assertive and self-sufficient,” she said .

“This means having regular support, having your child’s needs met, taking care of yourself, getting regular exercise, being positive and positive in your relationship with your child.”

Ms Keys said she wanted to highlight the importance of the positive approach to parenting.

She said parents were “always looking for ways to take their child to a place of happiness” but that was not always possible.

For example, Ms Keys said a parent could avoid stressing out over something by not having an opinion about the issue and being open to the child’s feedback.

“It’s all about the parent,” Ms Keys told ABC News.

“The way they act, the way they express themselves, how they talk to the kid, and how they listen to the kids are all things that can help the child and they can do that better.”

She said she had experienced depression and anxiety as a child, and it was important to recognise that children are different to adults.

The NCHCA said parents need to focus on “what’s right for the child”, not what “is best for the parent”.

“For the parent, it’s about being able to provide a supportive, healthy, balanced and safe environment for their child and not allowing any negative feelings to creep into their parenting or other relationships,” the organisation said.

Ms Keys suggested parents also consider how they were feeling and how their child felt, including their relationship.

“We know that children can learn to manage themselves, we know that adults can learn how to manage others,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“I think that is really important to remember, and to keep in mind when you are working with your children, is that you are the ones that have to take care of them and take responsibility for them.”

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