‘I’m going to be a dad’: I’m ‘going to be in the world of children’

When the time comes, Tayshias parents will find out that they are not alone.

The parents of a three-year-old girl have shared the heartbreaking news that they will be sending their son to a different school this year.

Tayshiah’s mother Taysha Williams, who has had the news for two years, was devastated when she first learned that her son had been removed from her daughter’s school.

“I was so sad and upset,” she said.

The decision came as a shock to Taysheys parents and grandparents.

 “We had a good relationship, we shared a lot of joy and happiness, and we were a loving family,” Tayshee Williams said.

“It was hard for them to understand.”

Tayshiah’s father Tayshi Williams said he was shocked and disappointed by the news.

“I had been trying for months to get her back in school and the day that it came down to it was a big blow to our relationship,” he said.

Mr Williams said Tayshu had been on his way to the school with her father when they were told that Tayshea would not be attending.

“We were so sad,” he told ABC Local Radio.

“The last two weeks have been really hard for us, it’s been hard for her to come home and spend time with her family.”

She is a very special little girl, she has a very unique personality and she really is very, very special to us.

“Our family will never forget this day.”

Taysheiah’s grandmother, who is a mother of three children, said the decision to send her daughter to the other school was devastating.

She said it was hard to accept.

“Tayisha is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“Her personality is something that you can’t teach.

She’s not just an ordinary girl, this is a special girl and we’re just devastated.”

The school principal said Tayisha had been in the school for two months with her mother and they had been “in contact and good”.

“Taysha is an excellent student, she loves school, she is doing well, and she will be in a great school in September,” she wrote in a statement to the ABC.

Despite Taysher parents’ best efforts, the school said it had no reason to believe Taysisha was a risk to pupils or staff.

“[Tayshu] has not had any previous contact with the other schools staff, nor has she had any problems in any of the schools classes,” the statement said.

The school said the school had been told to make an appointment with Tayshan to discuss their case and provide an assessment.

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