Rita Ora Pays $3,500 for $1,000 Child Care

Parenting expert Rita Ora has paid $3.5 million for a two-year-old girl, her son and his sister for child care, and a small business that provides home visits for people with disabilities.

Ora and her husband, a local pastor, purchased the family home in January, which is located in an affluent part of Santa Ana, California, and they are the parents of a 2-year old boy, a 2 1/2-yearold girl and a 1 1/4-year older girl, all of whom are adopted.

Oras daughter, Rita Pacheco, and her 1-year dog, Miki, live with her parents.

The family of two has been caring for the two children for four years.

The couple, who have two children, a 3-year, 3-month-old boy and a 2 ½-year girl, is the founder of Oras Family Care LLC, which has been in business since 2013.

The company operates two facilities, one in Santa Ana and one in a small town in the state of Arizona.

The Orass purchased their home in 2012 and have lived there ever since.

The Oras family now has six children.

Oras has a full-time job and she has four grown-up children.

The two oldest children are 5 and 7 years old, while the younger two are 1 and 3.

The family is a loving family and the Oras’ love for their children is unwavering, said Oras.

“Our kids are very special to us and we cherish our relationship with them,” said Ora.

“We want to provide them with the most comfortable and nurturing environment possible so they will grow into young adults with the strength of their own minds and bodies,” she added.

The business provides a variety of care packages, from home visits and medical visits to day care and after-school programs.

For the most part, Oras says she’s able to make it work on a budget.

The average cost of a home visit for a disabled child is $300, and Oras estimates her family has paid around $3 million for child support since her husband and daughter arrived in the U.S. as refugees.

Or a small part of the income is spent on child care for the children, as well as other expenses like food and clothing.

“It’s all about how much you’re going to spend on child services,” said Maria Ortiz, the business’ founder and CEO.

“It’s not like a child support company where they’re going into a room and giving you money and then handing you money back.

It’s about the quality of care.

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a business like that, and I’ve been doing this for 27 years.”

Ora said she and her business partner had hoped to open their own home-based child care provider, but the government and insurance industry were not interested.

They’re currently working with a local nonprofit to open a second facility in Santa Cruz, California.

Orgas family’s home in Santa Anas.

Ora Ora and husband, pastor Maria Ortiz in this January 11, 2017, file photo.

Ornas has worked with children’s service providers for years, from her own days as a child in Mexico to helping families with disabilities who need help with their bills, including those with autism.

Her passion has always been child care.

“I think every parent in America needs to have the option to get their child care in a community setting,” said Ortiz.

The new facility is just one of several that Oras hopes to open in the future.

The couple also plans to open an assisted living facility.

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