Which child will be the biggest beneficiary of the new child tax credit?

Naya Rivera parents, who have been forced to pay more for their children’s education, are set to benefit from a new credit.

Naya is one of four counties in Ireland where the credit will be available to those with children aged six to 12.

In the new scheme, children will be able to claim a maximum of €2,000 per child per year, and the maximum credit will cover up to $1,000.

The credit will also apply to the costs of childcare and other costs associated with childcare for families with children, which will not apply to other expenses.

The Irish Government announced in July it would be introducing a new benefit in the Budget to help families pay for childcare costs.

This will allow for a small increase to the credit, which currently is €500.

Nyea, Cavan, Kildare and Mayo have the highest rate of children under the age of six in terms of the number of children in the family, with more than 10 per cent of children aged between six and 12 in the county.

The new scheme will provide some relief to families that are in need of additional support, but will not be a huge amount for some families.

Nya Rivera, Co Meath, Navan, Roscommon, Sligo and Limerick have the lowest rates of children between six to twelve in terms.

“It’s a relief for the parents that can’t afford childcare, who can’t have their children in school, who cannot afford the costs associated,” said Nuala O’Sullivan, head of the Child Care Council, which represents local councils.

“The fact that it will be paid for by the taxpayer does give the parents an incentive to help with their children and also pay for their own education.

We want to see these benefits for parents and families across the country, and we believe that it’s something that the Government needs to look at very carefully.” 

Source: RTE

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